If you produce or sell one or more of the technologies for producing and processing flour, feed, corn, semolina, rice, bulgur,

pulses, pasta and biscuit you should be in IDMA AND VICTAM EMEA!

BECAUSE in IDMA AND VICTAM EMEA which is the only international exhibition with broad participation in grain, feed and pulses processing technologies;


• Meet with thousands of professional visitors participating to the fair from 145 different countries in the world to steer their investments,

• Have the opportunity to introduce your latest technologies to this large visitor mass,

• Have cooperation opportunity with the visitors with respect to their investment targets,

• Have the possibility to expand your market or add new markets to your current foreign markets against local markets where competition increases every day,

• Have the possibility to cooperate with companies being successful in their relevant area.

“IDMA AND VICTAM EMEA is the only international technology exhibition in the industry, which you can exhibit all the technologies you have, come together with thousands of professional visitors.”

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